Steeping Guide & More

  H O W   T O   S T E E P! 🫖

T E A   T Y P E T E M P  I N F U S I O N  T I M E
| WHITE | | Short of boiling | | 2 - 3 Minutes |
| GREEN | | Short of boiling | | 2 - 3 Minutes |
| BLACK | | Boiling | | 3 - 5 Minutes |
| OOLONG | | Low Boil | | 5 - 7 Minutes |



S T E P S | F O R | S T E E P I N G 


Step 1:  Measure 1 - 2 teaspoons of your selected blend for a 8-10 ounce cup of water. Place loose leaves into your infuser, teapot, or favorite cup. 

Step 2:  Add water to your teapot and let your water come to a boil. 

Step 3:  Pour heated water over your tea leaves and cover your infuser or cup to allow the tea to steep.


    Step 4:  After the steeping, remove your infuser or leaves and set it aside. If wanted you can then add any sweetener of choice (honey, sugar, milk, agave, etc.) *** Note: For Stone Ground Green Matcha Tea pour tea into cup or bowl, add water, & mix with a matcha whisk or fork until frothy.

    Final Step:  Taste, Love, & Enjoy 


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