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"Tea is the elixir of life."

Harvest Moon Organic Black Tea

This is an excellent Autumn blend that will remind you of nice cinnamon treats and beautiful leaves. This blend is filled with multiple fruits including apples and oranges with a hint of cardamom. Best served as a hot tea.

This tea is known to help with improving cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. 

Caffeine Content: 60 mg

Ingredients: Organic black tea leaves, organic cardamom, organic licorice root, organic cinnamon, organic apple pieces, organic ginger, organic Fair Trade certified clove, and natural orange flavor.

Infusion Time: 5 - 7 minutes


  • Tea Bags (12) - (12 bags) (Preorder Only)
  • Tall Tea - Regular 1.5 oz. (25 - 30 cups)
  • Too Tall Tea - Large (55 - 60 cups)