Orange Blossom Honey (Made in Georgia)

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Orange Blossom Honey

100% Raw Bee Honey 

Size: 1 lb/16 Oz

During Early Spring in the Florida Orange Groves the Wonderful Fragrant Smell of Orange Tree Blossoms fill the air. Honey bees quickly begin harvesting their sweet nectar to make one of the World’s Most Popular Honey. 

Orange blossom honey brings a subtly sweet and citrus flavor. Smooth and light in color, this honey is best paired with tea. I like to use it marinades as well. The honey is all natural and raw, and never heated or filtered. Sourced and made in GA. 

Please keep at room temperature. If crystallization/granulation is observed, simply place the container in a bowl of warm water for twenty minutes to re-liquefy. 

This honey is made and processed in the state of GA.


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