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"Tea is the elixir of life."
It's Spring time with Tea Amour.

It's Spring time with Tea Amour.

Drink tea this spring

Women of Color are moving with Tea Amour

Women of Color are moving with Tea Amour

Women of Color are moving with Tea Amour. Building our community one resource at a time.
Tea & Treats

Tea & Treats

Tea is usually delicious with cookies or biscuits! Next time have one with your cup! You'll thank...

People need love n tea..

Mint Hot Toddy Recipe - Credited By The Culinary Compass

Mint Hot Toddy Recipe - Credited By The Culinary Compass

Ingredients 4 mint leaves 1 oz. bourbon 1/2 tablespoon honey 2 teaspoon lemon juice Hot water,...

Prepare the Tea daily.

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves o...

Healthy Tea Time...Creating better Health ...

Top Healthy Tea 1. Chamomile Tea 2.Ginger Tea 3.Peppermint Tea 4.Hibiscus Tea #Comesipwithteaamou...

Hot herbal tea time...


Benefits of eating Organic Honey..

FULL OF NUTRIENTS There are numerous benefits of natural honey like vitamins, nutrients, antioxid...

Drink herbal teas..

Antioxidants help protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, which can damage cells...

It's time to cleanse the body..use Senna Tea...

Studies have shown that senna is a highly effective laxative in both children and adults with con...

Fight against Cancer for all....

The green tea connection.... Hibiscus tea Hibiscus tea contains no caffeine and may boost overall...

Help build strong immune system with Herbal Teas...

Benefits of Chamomile herbal tea reduces your body's stress and tension supports digestion and c...


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Tea Friday

We really appreciate all of the support from our followers! This isn't possible without you!

Join Us

Join Tea Amour for a sip.  


Join Tea Amour in the movement. Products are available for purchase. #TasteLoveEnjoy  

Tea Amour is waiting for you!

 Tea Amour is almost open for business!!! Check us out next week!

Tea Talk

#tea #talk

Tea People Power

The future is powered by you.

Tea Flower

Hibiscus tea....

Pink tea

 This pic create relaxing space.

Daydream With Tea