O U R   V I S I O N

Tea Amour believes in health and wellness. Our vision is to provide customers with the highest quality tea experience. We strive to promote health, unify the community, and empower all. Having a taste of "Tea Amour"  will draw your spirit on an adventure around the world.  Its more than a beverage to us. To give back to our local community Tea Amour pledges to fight against world hunger and make donations to local food banks and shelters in need.  It gives us great pleasure to share our family contribution with everyone and we encourage all to.         

Taste, Love, & Enjoy 


O U R    M I S S I O N 

One of our top initiatives at Tea Amour is sustainability. We promote saving our Earth through recycling and promoting compostable goods. Please help us save the planet by recycling our tumbler boxes and other recyclable products. It's more than a beverage tool to us. Thank you for your contribution. Tea Amour® cares.


Thank you for your support!